MV-206~606-5X/ MV-208~608-5X

Number: MV-206~606-5X/ 208~6

MODELUNITMV-206 / 306 / 406 / 606-5XMV-208 / 308 / 408 / 608-5X
TravelX axismm2000/3000/4000/60002000/3000/4000/6000
Y axis verticalmm600800
Y axis horizontal boringmm500700
Z axis verticalmm525800
Z axis horizontal boringmm62550-750
Spindle nose to table surface  (V)mm50-57550-750
Spindle nose to table surface (H)mm260-885260-1060
Spindle center to column surfacemm715915
X/Y/Z way spanmm1100 / 550 / 5501500 / 550 / 550
Position/Repeatability accuracymm±0.003 ( o.p.光學尺迴授 )
Ball bar accuracymm≦0.01
SpindleSpindle taper
HSK-63 ( O.P.BBT#40 )
Spindle transmission
Spindle speedrpm15000 ( O.P.12000 )
Controller    CNC control
As customer’s choice
Spindle motorkw18.5 ( O.P. 21.6 )
X/Y/Z motorkw9.6 / 9.6 / 12.2
TableTable size (WxL)mm2500/3650/4800/7200x6102400/3500/4600/7000x800
T-slots(Widthx No.xPitch)mm18 x 5 x 10018 x 8 x 100
Rotary TableTable Sizemmφ500φ630  op800
Max - loadkg500700
Min. Incremetdeg.0.001°
C motorkw4.1
Swiving Head
Angledeg.± 110
Min. Incremetdeg.0.001°
B motorkw2.6
FeedX/Y/Z Rapid feed ratem/min2M~~3M:30/30/20                 4M~~6M:15/30/20
Ballscrew OD/pitchmm2M:φ50Xφ50Xφ50    3M~~4M:φ63Xφ50Xφ50    6M:φ80Xφ50Xφ50
X/Y/Z linear waymmM55XM55XM55
Cutting feed ratem/min1-10
Min. input incrementmm0.001°
MagazineMax. tool dia./with adjacent toolmmφ 135 / φ 77.5
Max. tool weightkg7
Max. tool lengthmm300
Tool selection
Automatic random
Tool Capacity
Pull studdegree45°
Tool Changing time (T. to T.)sec2.5
MotorSpindle oil chillerl45
Lubrication capacityl4
Heat exchangerwatt40 x 2
Coolant tankl300/350/400/450
Pneumatic unitkg/cm26




Packing(L x W x H)m6.2/7.2/8.7/11.0 x 3.4 x 3.16.2/7.2/8.2/10.2 x 3.6 x 3.3
Floor space(L x W x H)m5.8/6.8/8.5/10.8 x 3.4 x 3.15.9/6.8/8.3/10.8 x 3.6 x 3.3



(1)  Direct-coupled drive XYZ axis

(2)  M.P.G

(3)  Full splash guard

(4)  Spindle direct drive 10,000RPM

(5)  Spindle air blast

(6)  Spindle chiller unit

(7)  Spindle sound-proof

(8)  Automatic lubrication system

(9)  Coolant system

(10) Rubber Stopper

(11) XYZ roller type guide way

(12) Air and washing gun

(13) Wash down nozzles

(14) Halogen working lamp&alarm light

(15) RS-232 interface +10M cables

(16) Heat exchanger on electric cabinet

(17) M30 auto power off

(18) Leveling pads and adjusting screws

(19) Tool box with adjusting tools

(20) Operating manual and part list

(21) Rigid tapping

(22) Chain type chip conveyor



(a) Coolant ring around spindle system

(b) Coolant through spindle system

(c) C.T.S with separate coolant tank (100L)

(d) Upgrade spindle motor

(e) 12,000/15,000/24,000 RPM HSK

(f)  Scraper type chip conveyor

(g) Chip auger

(h) Oil skimmer

(i)  Voltage regulator

(j)  Transformer

(k) Seaworthy packing